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Crafted for professional mastering, mix engineers and music producers. M model - the flagship reference monitoring (near-field and mid-field range). Ultra precise and transparent. 100% timeless analog. Sealed enclosure, incredible bass.

The world's first active loudspeakers with interchangeable modes without any DSP. Linear flat professional audio & innovative Pro/HiFi RISM technology. This speakers is not just High Fidelity, but the HIGHEST Professional Fidelity. The brand was founded in secret in 2018 (in District79 lab innovations). Founder #mlodnicki publicly revealed the #part_1 story in December 2019. These mastering grade analog monitors already have followers and audiences on six continents since early 2020 (a small group of a few hundred people). In 2021, the brand // linearpro™ is just starting to develop the unorthodox marketing scheme.  Official distribution outside of the EU is planned for 2023-2024 at the earliest ...
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About our monitors:  ① Damian Pietrasik POLAND "Absolutely brilliant, linear speaker system, this is the bomb! The best monitor for mix & mastering I've ever owned"  ② Daniel Jankowski POLAND "If there is a musical G-spot then model M+W definitely know its location. The M model is one of the best loudspeakers on the market"  ③ WooJae Kim KOREA "Sounding is already perfect. But not everyone wants to listen to a super linear and precise speaker"  ④ Halszka Kaminska POLAND "My known in detail, heard and favorite sounds, which came with me on carefully selected CDs, suddenly began to sparkle and shine, bubble with color, surround, stick and draw on the skin, smell, put hair on the back of your neck and regulate the rhythm of breathing and heartbeat. Such a high without chemical enhancement"  ⑤ Han Shin KOREA "It has extremely realistic sound and good for checking texture of sound"  ⑥ SungJoon Hong KOREA "Prototype model M had very good balance. I hope you to make one the best loudspeaker in the world"  ⑦ Jeremiasz Hendzel POLAND "I very much enjoy working with the M model because of detailed sound it produces alongside really flat frequency response"  ⑧ Wojtek Frackiewicz POLAND "Amazing, natural reference sound at an abstractly low price. Timeless sound experience. If you have no intention of buying this set then I don't recommend listening to it at all. After listening to the "M" it is hard to listen to other"  ⑨ Piotr Zabrodzki POLAND "Definitely one of the best monitors - in a class of its own as Lipinski L-707. And I really like the lack of DSP - a true analog. Call me old fashioned"  ⑩ Oleksa Sodomora UKRAINE "With the model M I train my ear for compression, which is more difficult on other speakers. These are monitors where you'll notice over-compressed mastering, subtle saturation and wide stereo imaging"  ⑪ Jan Gerhard GERMANY "Using NO DSP is a true USP (Unique Selling Point)"  ⑫ Laszlo Nobee POLAND "It is an indescribable experience for me. World-class loudspeakers - they are so good that it is difficult to compare with anything. You have to hear it and immerse yourself in the sound"  ⑬ polandaudiozone POLAND "To be short and to the point: fast, clean, precise, linear and HiFi sound, design: what I like, symmetry, solidly made"  ⑭ Eric Kulm Jr. POLAND "I've never heard anything like this. These speakers changed my concept of music making. Every slightest change in eq is audible, taking the understanding of precision to a completely different level. It's a game changer. M+W they will be with me for the rest of my life"  ⑮ Ebenezer Aifuwa NIGERIA "What caught my attention was the front look, it was unique, not like the regular monitors we know of. You'll always want to have that second look if you're seeing it for the first time. I have heard the speakers production in some of the videos you have posted and it sounds amazing"  ⑯ Hatsuo Yoshida JAPAN ...  >> READ MORE
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