### ###$ #$ #337follower_poland
recruited 2021/01/21, unofficially our story began in Aug. 2020

Welcome to our shared history, !####$. This is a page that was created to celebrate our getting to know each other and our unique history. And it's about to reach Hollywood, Bollywood and Nollywood (sort of literally). You don't realize it yet, but after reading the links on Daniel a subpage you'll understand the reach (I put the link at the bottom, in red). Thank you very much for being the !#$ orderer of my audio system (model M+W set 2.1), and one of seven in I quarter 2021 preorder, under the terms of the Case Study.

I remember how you transported M+W speakers from Quality studio to Daniel last year. I remember my surprise when I read about you, a little bit more, on the internet. You have a very cool feedback from internet users about your acting, they even wrote about you !#$##############$ !###$######$!###$. Thousands of real and active followers on instagram and facebook is impressive. I also remember congratulating you on your success in your film career and you said you wanted to make music and acting was just the second plan of your life. You told me that your dad, !### ###$, was also a musician, a very well-known !##$##$###$$#$. Then I realized that I have to convince you somehow to my speakers, because you will surely appreciate them. But I don't like to convince people in a pushy, direct way, so I thought maybe there will be a chance to talk ...

... unfortunately there was no opportunity to meet, but the story unfolded even more uniquely. You worked with Daniel making music (mixing and mastering on my speakers) and then:
I will never forget that day when I received a phone call from Daniel and heard your voice in the receiver - those were the nicest words I could imagine hearing from you, and so true! With my speakers you hear more, more accurately, more precisely and just like you said:
"With these, you can hear how musicians make mistakes because they are working with audio monitors that are not appropriate"

I will also mention a moment later when we were talking at your house. When you found out that you could order the monitors in any color you wanted. You came up to the picture painted by your grandfather and showed me which exact color you wanted, that it was your favorite. I realized then that this painting could become famous (if you will). Let me remind you that you are the first person in the world who decided to order speakers in a different color than the ones I suggest (white/grey/graphite). Therefore, I will come to you with a spectrometer and we will read the exact color from the painting!

I'm curious how you perceive our story?

The above story is true and was copied from the hidden subpage "Enter the book". In the original here is a link to further hidden chapter #300follower_poland (Daniel Jankowski).

Now read what is written below

Best regards,
Marian #mlodnicki


Today 2021.08.16

This special person that I had the privilege to meet and he also bought my speakers is Eric Kulm Jr. Yes, exactly this famous Polish big cinema movie and theater actor. He's a very busy person, he's working hard now on a movie set as a lead actor - I'll talk about that at some point too. But he found a moment for me and wrote short reviews for now:

I've never heard anything like this.  These speakers changed my concept of making music.  Every slightest change in eq is audible, taking the understanding of precision to a completely different level.  It's a game changer [1]  Thank you Marian that I was lucky to meet you and these speakers. 

M+W they will be with me for the rest of my life.

Eric Kulm Jr. // linearpro™
This is me thanking you Eric! Thank you so much for this review and the pleasure of meeting you as an exceptional actor and musician. Not to mention that you bought my speakers - amazing! ... and when you have some free time, we'll shoot a video review:

№ of entrances in general:

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