Dear Jan Gerhard from Germany
#360follower_germany (joined 2021/03/13)

I am very glad that we had a long conversation recently (after meeting and discussion in the MEW group) and you will want to try help me. You probably think that you can not help me much, but believe me, you can be the person who will lead linearpro™ to the internal German market.

If you haven't told your boss at about me yet, wait a moment - I'm not ready yet. I have to get ready for a while

My audio system is very unique and I can see that you appreciate it very well (even though you haven't listened to my speakers yet, but have checked the documentation and assumptions). Your famous words "Using NO DSP is a true USP (Unique Selling Point) - especially in Mastering! Focus on this!" have already made it to my front page. First and foremost, the sound quality is the most important - I already have it! But I also want the history of my company`s development to be interesting and funny - to make the readers smile and leave them astonished. And I will try to create marketing scheme that is very difficult to achieve - direct sales to customers, without distributors. If this succeeds then my dream of a very low price to customers will come true. Standard distributors (pro audio) jack up the manufacturer's price by about 40%, which is natural and fair. It is not the greed of the distributors it is the taxes, marketing and money spent on advertising. But we have almost a quarter of the 21st century (not to mention crazy 2020) and lots of examples like Uber, Tesla, DeepL, Revolut ... who conquered the market with low prices and no middlemen. Direct contact, no distributors (ultra-low price), satisfied customers who advertise the product themselves - maybe I can do it too!

We met at the right moment and I think that the company`s history is now starting to be linked with your country. And the fact that the boys from Kii audio come from your hometown will only add an interesting connection {8-e} this is a subpage that was created thanks to you. The story begins now ...

Best regards,
Marian #mlodnicki


Did I mention that I worked as product manager for PMC germany a long time ago?
The funny thing is: I'm a member of VDT (Verband Deutscher Tonmeister), some kind of German AES. We have a group of Tonmeisters (Audio Engineers) that want to built together with a retired professor for audio acoustics from University Aachen a speaker. And it will be a D'Appolito.

Wooow! And didn't I say you were the right person on the right tab? :)
And once again, thank you so much for your real help in improving marketing and tech grammar. I really appreciate it, and some of your prompts have even been valuable as  gold  platinum!

You asked about Bob Katz. I once attended a "Mastering Masterclass" with him in cologne. Later we has lunch. He‘s nice. Not arrogant or ignorant. Not at all. But on FB you see that he doesn‘t often allow other opinions then his own ;)

Amazing :O do you have a picture with him?

It‘s just a pic of Bob. I took it from the audience perspective.

I thought you took a selfie with him, but still a cool memory and learning to master with Bob. I like such natural and realistic photos - it's always a cool memory of the moment :)

If I had been there these are the kind of pictures that would have come out:

... move the mouse over the photo or click on the photo on your smartphone :D

It's a linearpro
A brand that breaks all mainstream standards ...