#2 review of 2020
Halszka Kaminska

linearpro™ model S/graphite
Halszka is the first woman to buy my speakers. She came, listened model M, and ordered the prototype model S.

  / November 20 2020 13:04 / from Halszka

> Marian, take a peek if that's enough for you :)


> One can talk and write endlessly about linearaudio.pro speakers - it's a powerful trap - mainly because it's hurtful to ineptly cover with words the quality of the equipment... pardon, Equipment that defends itself so beautifully ;)

> But I promised...

> So: we have five senses, if we stimulate one of them strongly enough, it starts to "enter" the spectrum of the others - in my life I had the opportunity to listen to music from various sources, often with appreciation and delight, sometimes even with "synesthesia", so I went to the Quality Studio with a kind interest, but not necessarily in a special vibration.

> But the jitters did come ;) My known in detail, heard and favorite sounds, which came with me on carefully selected CD's, suddenly began to sparkle and shine, bubble with color, surround, stick and draw on the skin, smell, put hair on the back of your neck and regulate the rhythm of breathing and heartbeat. Such a high without chemical enhancement....

> And the funniest thing is that the above inept description does not reflect reality at all - you just have to LISTEN to it.


> Have a great day :)

> H.
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