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beginning of linearpro™ (2018-2019)
* 2019/12/22 translated story from facebook // source: [link]
... I would like to share my story with you. For now, it is only a short version but expect more soon! Many details have been skipped for clarity but I couldnít skip the heroes of this story, especially one of them - Grzegorz #jankowicz ! Our friendship has been going back 15 years when Greg (as they call him in the U.S.) has become known as an amazing "brainiac", a great specialist and a silent legend of the world of pro audio electronics. What you are going to read below is largely due to him. I met him in my Scientific Club M² at the Warsaw University of Technology.

Scientific Circle M² - Marian Mlodnicki
As for myself, since my earliest years in Lviv, Ukraine, I have been passionate about electronics and computer science, and encouraged to explore the topic by my Dad (Antoni Mlodnicki). At that time also my interest in art was born - I loved spending time painting or taking pictures. Later on I continued my technical adventure in Poland where I moved, at the age of 16, to start studies at the Warsaw University of Technology, which was possible thanks to the Banach scholarship. The pro-rector of the University had personally awarded me the scholarship six months earlier, when he was on a representative visit to Lviv in search of exceptionally talented schoolchildren.

In 2018 we received a 3.9 million PLN grant (1 million USD) for the Enhanced Hybrid Energy Storage (EHES™) project [POIR.01.01.01-00-0289/18] from the National Centre for Research and Development (NCBiR). We started elaborating it with Greg and the investor. The project was promising. I was responsible for the concept, design and marketing. Greg was responsible for the electronics according to my ideas. Unfortunately, the cooperation with the main investor did not work out as expected, so we decided to sell out 4 of 13 patents and to retain our marketing strategy and business plan for the future. This experience has made us aware that it is worth cooperating with partners who offer not only financing and administration, but also share our PASSION for the project.

EHES™ (Enhanced Hybrid Energy Storage) ...

Thanks to the funds obtained from the sale of 4 patents we were ready to start our most advanced audio-idea. However, it wouldn't have happened without one extraordinary person that fate had brought into our path ...

It was Damian Pietrasik who called me one day (in Q3 2018). We didn't know each other at the time, but as it turned out later, he was widely active in the music world and is a man of many talents, including sports. Silver medalist at the 2008 Beijing Paralympics in the 100m backstroke. And GOLD medalist at the 2009 IPC Swimming European Championships held in Reykjavik, Iceland. He is a visually impaired person, but he does not see any obstacles in taking many actions and achieving goals.

He plays and composes for keboard instruments, such as Hammond, piano and Rhodes. He graduated from a music school in The Educational Centre for the blind of Laski and has been running Quality Studio since 2010. He has worked and collaborated with, among others, Leszek Mozdzer, Edyta Gorniak, Anna-Maria Jopek, Piotr Zabrodzki, Michal Kupicz, Katia Priwieziencew, Sara Jaroszyk, Sasha Strunin, Magda Tul, Bartek Sosnowski, Nika Grann and many others. He even plays and promotes ping pong for the blind. I encourage you to read more about Damian's story and watch the video below - Interview with Damian on Polish Radio (at the moment only in Polish):

Damian is the founder, pianist and composer of the Polish-French band "AveNue":

Nothing happens by accident... Damian heard about our project and found out, among other things, that Greg designed electronics for well-known audio equipment manufacturers:

Encouraged by this, Damian ordered studio line audio monitors from us, which at that time, existed only in our imagination and dreams.

He paid 100% in advance... and waited.
At this point it should be mentioned that Damian sold his PMC IB1S speakers to order my speakers ... It was the first blind sale 😲 At that moment, I did not know that nobody buys loudspeakers without listening to them earlier and I managed to persuade Damian to do such a feat.

A year ago Damian received our first speakers and I published this photo on the 22 December 2018 on Facebook. At the time NOBODY knew what was behind this (link


Prototypes of active hybrid loudspeakers have been installed in Damian's mastering/recording studio in Warsaw, Poland (Quality Studio


These prototypes, which already have been known in a slightly larger group, have been kept a secret for a wider audience, further tested and improved.

It should also be mentioned that the speakers-set also include an active part, the cyberAMP™ amplifier - for more information, see the PDF available below:

In the meantime, Damian delighted with the sound of the prototypes of the "M" (version 1.0) loudspeakers model additionally ordered a subwoofer from us. Again, he ordered and paid for a product that did not yet exist - we began to create our "W" subwoofer model ...

Finally, almost after a year (11 December 2019), we could say "WE GOT IT" ! The final 2.0 version of the speakers, model "M" was ready. Also we refined the subwoofer model "W" (version 1.0). The first recipient was of course Damian.
Damian Pietrasik // linearpro™
 Damian said:

Damian sold the PMC IB-1S speakers for reasons that he was changing the director's room in his studio and they were too big for the new smaller room. When asked how he recalls the PMCs: They were very good speakers, but the LinearPRO™ are better!
linearpro™ // model M+W+cyberAMP set 2.2
Then we had to move on. I quickly created a website, which contained only simple graphics and 5 lines of HTML code. There were only links to Facebook and Instagram accounts. I started sending invitations to the Facebook fan page to all my friends and watched, with satisfaction, as the "likes" from the outside of the audio world began to flow. It was a nice experience. Our enthusiasm fueled the further work. There was still a lot to be done - descriptions, cost estimate... and time was running, because it was less than a month before the planned preorder sale in January 2020.

   Best regards,
   main creator Marian #mlodnicki

... preview of next story (2020-2021)    

6 days after the above post was published (December 28, 2019) a client from Korea showed up - and bought "blindly", like Damian, paying 100% upfront via Western Union // SHOCK!

In the end Q1 of 2020 our speakers arrived in Seoul (South Korea) ...

... and New York (USA) for Michal Jurewicz (CEO Mytek) - taken there by Greg #jankowicz: // linearpro™ speakers are already in South Korea and the USA (New York 6850km left and Seoul 7736km right from Warsaw).

Greg in 2017 designed Brooklyn AMP amplifier for Mytek, and 2020 helped design Empire:

So cyberAMP™ has a common engineer (from Q3 2018 to Q1 2020) with the Brooklyn AMP & Empire AMP family. But linearpro™ are not in competition with Mytek. Brooklyn/Empire to devices for the audiophile market, while cyberAMP™ are amplifiers customized for the market of professional recording studios, sound engineers.

After that it was UPSSS // COVID ... At the end of Q1 2020, Greg stuck with Michal Jurewicz in New York, along with prototypes of model M speakers (passive version 2.0, white) & future Empire AMP (#mytek77bd precision power amplifier). And when Greg couldn't return to Poland because of the pandemic, our paths parted forever ☹

The experiences that Greg and I had together back in the days of the M2 Science Circle, through our adventure together in the creation of speakers and amplifiers, have forever elevated my experience and my story. On top of that, I should mention that Greg inspired me with brands such as Lipinski and Mytek, which I respect to this day for their achievements. And thanks to these brands LinearPRO was created.
In the Q3 of 2020, the first purchase in the young brand's history was made by a woman, Halszka Kaminska. She chose S model. Review ➜

Eric Kulm Jr. // linearpro™

Eric Kulm Jr.

I've never heard anything like this. These speakers changed my concept of making music. Every slightest change in eq is audible, taking the understanding of precision to a completely different level. It's a game changer. Thank you Marian that I was lucky to meet you and these speakers. M+W they will be with me for the rest of my life.   Review ➜
In 2021, people from 6 continents are already watching me (#mlodnicki // one-man army) on social media. I have followers in Hollywood, Bollywood and Nollywood ;)

I will write more about the amazing adventures of the new pro audio brand in a while
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