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Offer for EU only. The 50% discounted sale applies to sales under the terms of the Case Study. The 50% (set 2.0 // monitor model M pair + cyberAMP stereo = 3699,79 EUR*) discount means that the creator of the project, Marian Mlodnicki contributes money to the sale. Conditions for the Case Study will be agreed upon directly with him (or his or her designees). You will receive a 30% discount on non-committal purchases (set 2.0 // pair M + cyberAMP = 5299,79 EUR*). Surcharge for one subwoofer model W {surcharge} 1099.79 EUR* (set 2.1 mono sub). Secondary subwoofer {surcharge} 999,79 EUR* (set 2.2 stereo subwoofers). Price subwoofer(s) includes corresponding cyberAMP™ with additional amplifier(s). Subwoofer prices listed are at a discount of approximately 25%, regardless of whether this is a No Obligation or Case Study sale. A DEMO version for listening in your own room is available only in the EU (upon payment of a deposit and shipping charges). The DEMO version is not for sale, it must always go back to the manufacturer. Once you have listened to the DEMO and decided to pre-order, the cost of shipping the DEMO twice (to the customer and back to the producer) will be deducted from your order. Production is by order only after 100% payment (all sets are handmade and in current production, no surplus stock). Production lead time is 3-4 weeks (max. 1 month), and 5 to maximum 10 sets can be produced per month (applies to current pre-production).

up to -50% // Case Study *

set2.0   M² + cyber②AMP = 3699,79 €
set2.1   M² + W + cyber③AMP = 4799,79 €
set2.2   M² + W² + cyber④AMP = 5799,79 €

up to -30% // Non-Committal *

set2.0   M² + cyber②AMP = 5299,79 €
set2.1   M² + W + cyber③AMP = 6399,79 €
set2.2   M² + W² + cyber④AMP = 7399,79 €

for comparison purposes (normal price):

list price 0% discount // MSRP

set2.0 M (pair) + cyberAMP (stereo) = 7400 EUR (~8600 USD)
set2.1 M (pair) + W (mono 1 pcs) + cyberAMP (trio) = 8700 EUR (~10200 USD)
set2.2 M (pair) + W (stereo pair) + cyberAMP (quad) = 10000 EUR (~11500 USD)
set5.1 and others 7.1.4 etc ... Dolby Atmos® pricing on request

* Prices do not include transportation costs and VAT (Value Added Tax). 0% VAT rate applied in case of intra-community supply of goods, i.e. sale of goods within the EU. In order to use this rate, both the taxpayer and his contractor must be registered for VAT EU and have an active VAT number.


Our active monitor M [ver3.5] + subwoofer W [ver2.0] + cyberAMP [ver3.0] (timeless analog audio // mastering-grade monitoring system) even without discounts will beat the reference sound quality and price, the competition from the higher price range. A Reference-Standard loudspeaker with accurately documented performance. M, W and cyberAMP was perfected in 2020 - a timeless version ready.

   S/grey [ver3.0_prototype]

Model S (smaller, near-field monitors) is not yet approved for sale outside Poland. Model S is very successful, but compared to model M (nearfield and midfield monitors), it does not yet meet our exorbitant standards. At this point, only the M is worthy of being called one of the best linear speakers in the world (linearpro™ brand // www.linearaudio.pro). The Model S is currently offered only to a Polish group of audiophiles, with whom we are jointly refining the HiFi RISM™ modes.

cyberAMP/V3 studio edition
The RISM (Remotely Interchangable Sound Modes) technology harnesses only analog crossover's (without digital DSP and ADC/DAC conversions that always degrade sound) modeling to bring you the sound characteristics and responses of the best studio nearfield/midlfield monitors. You can use the three position wired remote to quickly switch through different sounds, allowing you to preview your mix on different types of speakers, from the same spot position and without the clutter of multiple speaker systems. The three settings are "flatter/superlinear", "flat/light" and "audiophile/HiFi". Read the technical specifications in PDF.

VOLUME - the term "field" is relative

Denying rumors: yes, we planned to prototype model L (large speakers, far-field), but we abandoned the prototype. The project "L" will not be developed. If you are looking for far-field speakers, we recommend Lipinski Sound L-707A Signature.
Each set ordered can be painted in any color. Enclosures can be any RAL color of the palette. If you don't want to decide on your own color, we offer our carefully selected, branded colors: graphite RAL-7024, grey RAL-7004 or white RAL-9003. Semi-matte paint.

Nothing stands in the way of building a multi-channel surround system with our speakers (Dolby Atmos, Auro-3D, DTS:X).

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