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model S (passive pair) from 2299,79 €*
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First, there are two types of speakers to choose from (M or S model). The speakers are of two types: passive or active. If you choose active speakers, you need to choose cyberAMP: without support for our subwoofers (se 2.0) or with subwoofer(s) - the appropriate number of subwoofers model W is included with cyberAMP (set 2.1 includes one subwoofer or 2.2 includes two subwoofers).

Description of products, key information:


Our monitor model M + subwoofer W + cyberAMP (timeless analog audio // mastering-grade monitoring system) even without discounts will beat the reference sound quality and price, the competition from the higher price range. A Reference-Standard loudspeaker with accurately documented performance. Speakers M, W and cyberAMP have been perfected at the end 2021 - a timeless version ready (after more than 3 years of research and development - there will be nothing better). Read the /review tab.

Nothing prevents you from buying passive speakers and connecting you amplifier to them (to reduce the cost of purchase). Remember, however, that connecting a cheap amplifier will not hear the full capabilities of our speakers. Passive speakers also do not have interchangeable modes (RISM™ technology).


The model S (near-field monitors) was finally perfected in 2022. It's based on almost the same components as the M model, but is smaller, allocated more for home sound systems, smaller home recording studios or as secondary speakers for surround // Dolby Atmos systems.

If you want to see more photos of the M & S model then please visit the /design tab.

 the "field" is relative

Model names (monitors only) are derived from garment size symbols. Denying rumors: yes, we planned to make a prototype model L (large speakers, far-field for very large rooms), but we abandoned the prototype. The project "L" will not be developed. If you are looking for far-field speakers, we recommend Lipinski Sound L-707A Signature or Dynaudio Evidence M5P (used by Bob Katz - audio mastering engineer and author of a popular book on audio mastering).

The M & S monitors are complex and technologically advanced loudspeakers, consisting of hundreds of components. Each component is made to custome order, at a number of specialized companies in Europe. The figure shows an overview draft ver.2 of the M (flagship reference model), a historical illustration created by the main creator Marian #mlodnicki in 2020.

The W subwoofer is made with SECube™ (Sealed Enclosure Cube) technology. SECube™ is also a special filling inside the closed housing that acoustically enlarges the internal space.

The passive part subwoofer is a minimalist cube with equal sides of 33cm (13") with 10" custome enhanced glass fiber driver, and the active part located inside the cyberAMP (active crossover + amplifier). The subwoofer has a multi-connector, which means you can connect the cable to it from the back or front (so you can put it with the diaphragm up, or push it against the wall as much as possible when you're short of space).

cyberAMP/V3 studio edition
The cyberAMP™ amplifier is one of the best amplifiers on the market, therefore we strongly recommend our entire audio system. As a cheaper alternative to our amplifiers, we recommend used Bryston amplifiers, or new Hypex NCOREx-based amplifiers.

The RISM™ (Remotely Interchangable Sound Modes) technology harnesses only analog crossovers (without digital DSP and ADC/DAC conversions that always degrade sound) modeling to bring you the sound characteristics and responses of the best studio nearfield/midlfield monitors. You can use the three position wired remote to quickly switch through different sounds, allowing you to preview your mix on different types of speakers, from the same sweet spot and without the clutter of multiple speaker systems. The three settings are "flat/linear", "flat/zoom" and "audiophile/HiFi". RISM modes are only possible with the purchase of an active set (speakers+cyberAMP). A standalone cyberAMP/stereo designed only for passive third-party speakers also lacks RISM mode-switching functionality.
Read the technical specifications in PDF:

Connectors for additional remotely switchable additional passive monitors (ex. Yamaha NS10, PMC TB2S+, ATC SCM12P ...) are only available in the cyberAMP set 2.2 ㊉ version. You can use the RISM wired remote to quickly switch through different loudspeakers from the same sweet spot and without the clutter of multiple amplifiers.

Each set ordered can be painted in any color - RAL color of the palette (it is impossible to produce only certain colors that not meets the capabilities of the manufacturer of IP64 paint, not possible to produce only a few of the very bright/luminous colors).

If you don't want to decide on your own color, we offer our carefully selected, branded colors: graphite RAL-7024, grey RAL-7004 or white RAL-9003. Extreme IP64 semi-matte paint.

linearpro // linearaudio.pro

Speakers housing hide many features: safe-front™ (designed to protect the drivers), multi-connector™ (rear/bottom), MDF sealed enclosure (5cm front and 3cm all sides except the front) glued with a special glue that retains flexibility, special extreme enclosure IP64 (norm IEC 60529) painted with special paints that retain their elesticity under impact, physical time alignment + LDRRad™ (perfect coherent phase for tweeter/woofer drivers), VESA wall mount (rear/bottom), SPIKES (bottom), NFC label to store configuration and calibration data. Please visit the /design tab to view more and read the PDF specification.

Nothing stands in the way of building a multi-channel surround system with our speakers (Dolby Atmos, Auro-3D, DTS:X, 5.1 & 7.1).


Offer (DEMO and pre-order) for European Union countries or duty-free countries for audio equipment exported from/to the EU. Up to ~15% discount sale applies to sales under the terms of the Case Study.

Example: choosing M monitors (2pcs) + cyberAMP  (1pcs stereo "②" amplifier) is the best optimal choice (you won't buy a better "price/quality" alternative at this offer). If you give up cyberAMP then not only will you not have a crystal sound without coloration, but also RISM™ technology in the speakers.

The ~15% (set 2.0 // monitors model M pair + cyber②AMP stereo = 5899,79 EUR* 6800,00) discount means that you will receive it in exchange for advertising, Case Studies, photos, reviews and publication of your name. You will receive a ~7% discount on non-committal pre-order purchases (set 2.0 // M + cyber②AMP = 6399,79 EUR* 6800,00).

The subwoofer(s) set also includes a sufficient number of amplifiers (set 2.1 included "③" amplifiers, set 2.2 included "④" amplifiers). We also recommend buying cheaper subwoofers (preferably in sealed enclosures) from other companies, also on the secondary market, to make it cheaper if you cannot afford our full system. Bandwidth extension (from 50hz +/-3dB down, applies to model M) is essential in professional mastering, but unless you have the ideal room you will not hear the difference between our subwoofers and cheap subwoofers. For a cheaper alternative to our sub-Woofers "W" models, we recommend the SVS SB-1000 Pro (sealed enclosure). As a more powerful alternative, we recommend the JL Audio Fathom f110v2-GLOSS (sealed enclosure).

If you don't want to preorder, don't want to wait for production (max. 2 month), then you can buy the DEMO immediately.

up to ~15% // Case Study *

without RISM™ - standalone (1pcs):
only monitor  S  (passive 1pcs) = 1149,79 €
only monitor  M  (passive 1pcs) = 2149,79 €
stereo amplifier   cyber②AMP = 1699,79 €

with RISM™ - complete active set:
set2.0   S² + cyber②AMP = 3899,79 €
set2.0   M² + cyber②AMP = 5899,79 €
set2.1   S² + W + cyber③AMP = 5499,79 €
set2.1   M² + W + cyber③AMP = 7499,79 €
set2.2 ㊉   S² + W² + cyber④AMP = 7099,79 €
set2.2 ㊉   M² + W² + cyber④AMP = 9099,79 €
set5.1 and others 7.1.4 Dolby Atmos® pricing on request

up to ~7% // Non-Committal *

without RISM™ - standalone:
only monitor  S  (passive 1pcs) = 1199,79 €
only monitor  M  (passive 1pcs) = 2299,79 €
stereo amplifier   cyber②AMP = 1799,79 €

with RISM™ - complete active set:
set2.0   S² + cyber②AMP = 4199,79 €
set2.0   M² + cyber②AMP = 6399,79 €
set2.1   S² + W + cyber③AMP = 5899,79 €
set2.1   M² + W + cyber③AMP = 7999,79 €
set2.2 ㊉   S² + W² + cyber④AMP = 7699,79 €
set2.2 ㊉   M² + W² + cyber④AMP = 9799,79 €
set5.1 and others 7.1.4 Dolby Atmos® pricing on request

for comparison purposes (normal price*):

list price 0% discount // MSRP *

without RISM™ - standalone:
only monitor model S  (passive 1pcs) = 1300 €
only monitor model M  (passive 1pcs) = 2450 €
stereo amplifier cyber②AMP = 1900 €

with RISM™ - complete active set:
set2.0 S (pair) + cyber②AMP (without subamp) = 4500 €
set2.0 M (pair) + cyber②AMP (without subamp) = 6800 €
set2.1 S (pair) + sub W (1 pcs/mono) + cyber③AMP = 6300 €
set2.1 M (pair) + sub W (1 pcs/mono) + cyber③AMP = 8600 €
set2.2 ㊉ S (pair) + sub W (pair/stereo) + cyber④AMP = 8200 €
set2.2 ㊉ M (pair) + sub W (pair/stereo) + cyber④AMP = 10500 €
set5.1 and others 7.1.4 Dolby Atmos® pricing on request

[ * ]  Prices do not include transportation costs and 23% VAT (Value Added Tax). 0% VAT rate applied in case of intra-community supply of goods, i.e. sale of goods within the EU. In order to use this rate, both the taxpayer and his contractor must be registered for VAT EU and have an active VAT number.

normal price with Value Added Tax:

list price 0% discount // MSRP with VAT

without RISM™ - standalone:
only monitor model S  (passive 1pcs) = 1600 €
only monitor model M  (passive 1pcs) = 3000 €
stereo amplifier cyber②AMP = 2300 €

with RISM™ - complete active set:
set2.0 S (pair) + cyber②AMP (without subamp) = 5500 €
set2.0 M (pair) + cyber②AMP (without subamp) = 8300 €
set2.1 S (pair) + sub W (1 pcs/mono) + cyber③AMP = 7700 €
set2.1 M (pair) + sub W (1 pcs/mono) + cyber③AMP = 10500 €
set2.2 ㊉ S (pair) + sub W (pair/stereo) + cyber④AMP = 10100 €
set2.2 ㊉ M (pair) + sub W (pair/stereo) + cyber④AMP = 12900 €
set5.1 and others 7.1.4 Dolby Atmos® pricing on request


DEMO version for listening in your own room is currently only available for EU countries (after paying a deposit and shipping costs).

DEMO will be rented for up to 14 days at customer's place. Rental schedule is established in advance. After listening to the DEMO and deciding to pre-order, the cost of shipping the DEMO twice (to the customer and back to the manufacturer or distributor) will be deducted from your order. If, after listening to DEMO and sending it back, you decide not to buy it, we will return only the advance payment, without doubled shipping costs (the amount is returned only after receiving DEMO back).

#4  BUY

Production lead time is 5-6 weeks (max. 2 month), and 3 to maximum 5 sets can be produced per month (applies to current pre-production). Production is on demand and starts after 100% payment and return of DEMO (if it was rented). If you don't want to wait then buy the DEMO.

All sets are handmade and in current production, no surplus stock. Products come with a 2 year warranty. We design without a compromise, on the highest level, with emphasis on ecology. The electronics are designed for decades of trouble-free operation: MTBF (Mean Time Between Failures) > 100k hours. "D79" Quality Guarantee // District79 lab innovations www.technology.pl

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