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Piotr Zabrodzki

Peter is a very special person. Every time when he accidentally tells me about his achievements in the world of music, I am bursting with pride and honour to meet him. Singer, composer, multi-instrumentalist, music producer - a master, but damn humble... Known in different corners of the world, from Mexico to Japan - South Korea he did not skip and that performing at their biggest festival! ... In some time Piotr will write a full review of my model M - for today only briefly:

Absolutely brilliant, linear speaker system, this is the bomb! The best monitor for mix & mastering I've ever owned ...

... READ MORE  [*] if you haven't read the story #part_1, who is the first customer

Jeremiasz Hendzel

I am privileged to be a studio engineer at Damian Pietrasik's Quality Studio which is based in Warsaw, Poland. One day after arriving at work I noticed a new pair of speakers set behind the desk (with the subwoofer placed underneath). The design was lit, so I quickly powered on the computer to hear some of my favourite records through them. First impression was really good. Sound was very detailed and the speakers clearly had a fast transient response. I very much liked the stereo imaging and general feel of the music coming out of them. Then I tried measuring the setup using my Sonarworks Reference set of mic and software - the results were outrageous. The frequency response was really as flat as it gets, differing from the ideal curve by hardly more than 1dB through the most of the audio range. The model M from™ is a killer monitor which has no real competitors within its price tag.
// "I very much enjoy working with the M model because of detailed sound it produces alongside really flat frequency response"
// fb.com_jerryhendzel

Marek Bilinski

That's right, this is the same Marek Bilinski who escaped to the tropics in 1984-1987 [click to listen] ... For me personally, this is the Polish "Jean-Michel Jarre". If someone had told me those 30+ years ago, when I was listening with delight to Marek's songs, on tapes, that I would have the pleasure of meeting him in person, my eyelids would have lifted (high, above the height of the Tropics). Marek learned about the speakers long ago from Grzegorz (Greg) Jankowicz (they've known each other for years) and agreed to listen to them and write a review. // fb.com_marekbilinski


... "To be short and to the point: fast, clean, precise, linear and HiFi sound, design: what I like, symmetry, solidly made" // @polandaudiozone


... "Using NO DSP is a true USP (Unique Selling Point) - especially in Mastering! Focus on this Marian!" // Jan Gerhard

Also included in my story were:
Oleksa Sodomora

UKRAINE // "With the model M I train my ear for compression, which is more difficult on other speakers. These are monitors where you'll notice over-compressed mastering, subtle saturation and wide stereo imaging"

Laszlo Nobee

POLAND // "It is an indescribable experience for me. World-class loudspeakers - they are so good that it is difficult to compare with anything. You have to hear it and immerse yourself in the sound"

Ebenezer Aifuwa

NIGERIA // "What caught my attention was the front look, it was unique, not like the regular monitors we know of. You'll always want to have that second look if you're seeing it for the first time. I have heard the speakers production in some of the videos you have posted and it sounds amazing"

Hatsuo Yoshida

JAPAN // ...

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