Wojtek Frackiewicz / #3 review of 2020

I met linearaudio.pro (linearpro™) monitors in rather interesting circumstances. After many years I visited my old friend Marian (#mlodnicki) at his company D79 in the center of Warsaw. As I've been interested in building audio components and everything related to great sound since I was young, my eyes were immediately drawn to those beautiful, solid enclosures...

It sparked and after a few more meetings we started working together. I could not wait for the first auditions. And so it happened - a presentation of the monitors at Damian Pietrasik's Quality Studio, in which I participated... and then more and more auditions, also in other rooms - the impressions were the same every time... From the first sounds the power of the sound surprises you - and yet these are one of the smallest audio monitors (of this class) on the market. High power and efficiency allow you to listen to music even at high volume - without distortion.

The sound itself is amazing. The bass is fast and precise. It goes very low, even without a subwoofer, does not dominate the music, but is a great background for it, as befits the rhythm section. The midrange is enchanting with its perfect linearity. Vocals, saxophones, snare drums... sound clear and natural without artificially warming the presentation. The highs do not deviate from the rest of the frequency range, creating space and bringing out details from the recording. You can still feel the tonal balance, which is confirmed by the linear measurement characteristics.

Amazing, natural, reference sound at an abstractly low price. A timeless sound experience - definitely recommend!

Connecting a subwoofer to the set (model W), contrary to fears, does not flood the listener with bass. Bass goes only to the lower regions and you can feel it better in your body, but it still does not dominate over the rest of the frequency range. Thanks to the closed cabinets (both monitors and subwoofer) and perfectly matched proprietary custom drivers, the bass does not flood the listener - on the contrary, quick response of woofers (monitors and subwoofer) allows you to hear many nuances of the bass guitar or double bass.

An important feature of the monitors is that when set horizontally they do not lose their sound. The stereo stage also remains at the highest level.

The whole set is extremely precise. This is not only my opinion. Thanks to them you can hear many new details on well known recordings - an amazing experience :)

To sum up: if you are not going to buy this set then I do not recommend listening to it at all. After listening to M it is hard to listen to anything else.

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