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The legendary Andrew!$#$###$ „L-707“ & story of Marian Mlodnicki „M“

Marian, here I would just call him Andrew L. This marker !$#$###$ looks like when they censor swearwords in comics. As long as his last name ist not identifiyable all is cool. Writing this shows that you respect him although him could say „this guy stole our design“  (what you did not - D’Appolito, tweeter „dual ring“, etcetera is nothing that is copyright protected).
Jan, I understand, but I think differently. It's my style, not a curse word, not in this case. It's my NYS/CIA "marker" font, my dream, 25 yrs ago Additionally, at the start I want to intrigue readers, make them curious about this unique and well-known person in pro audio, all over the world.

[ AD 2005 ]

For many years I was impressed by the stories about this brand. Grammy/Oscars winners use this company's speakers, not for marketing reasons! I never listened to these L-707 speakers before this. The story itself is incredibly impressive. Greg Jankowicz told me about them when he worked there, up until 2011. I won't say too much, I remember the day Greg went for a job interview in 2005  (his first job in university) and it was this legendary brand. After his job interview, we met and he said he got this job, this American company with production in Poland. Apparently, after the owner Mr. Andrew of this company talked to him, he decided that other candidates were much worse and this job was his. Greg got this job in one day! I remember that day like it was yesterday. He was instantly promoted to chief of engineering at that company, but that's another story. I should also add - the reference letter for_Greg, at the time of his separation Greg from Mr. Andrew, the content was written by me. It's another coincidence, another special memory for me :)  At the time of signing this reference document, Mr. Andrew asked Greg if we (Greg and I) were planning to make our own audio system - No, we didn't plan for that in 2014. During this period we focused on developing my company District79 lab innovations (Mr. Andrew has probably heard of me and knew that I was involved in various interesting and ambitious projects) ... In 2021, Greg and I split up, our paths diverged - unfortunately this was due to a crazy situation in 2020/COVID ☹  Greg flew to New York in February for a one month and was stuck there for 6 months. This has greatly worsened the financial situation of me company, Greg took on another job. Greg Jankowicz an amazing "brainiac", a great professional and a quiet legend of the pro audio electronics world. He has worked for Lipinski, Mytek, and many others (Greg #jankowicz is like Steve Wozniak, only in pro audio) ...

* I met the legend, Andrew !$#$#$#$, we saw each other only 3 times in our lives. Except for the Polish equivalent of „Hello“ we didn't exchange a more word. For me, this person was and is a big famous legend. Each of these meetings stopped my breath. It is clear that Mr. Andrew was my inspiration. His products are used by the world's most renowned sound engineers, talented musicians. Its loudpeakers are precision tools for professionals and euphoria for many music lovers, but the term best speaker in the world does not exist. It also inspires awe in Audiophiles, which is difficult to achieve because they are two worlds. Pro audio believes in a "round earth", and the other group (the extreme) believes in a "flat earth". It is incredibly difficult to achieve such recognition in both groups. Sir Andrew - RESPECT!


However, under the legendary influence of these years of excitement and my increasing technical knowledge, I wanted to create something new. Contemporary sealed enclosure, smallest size and SPL linear flat 91dB (non linear maximum 114dB), fast precise bass response (QTC 0.707), new active hybrid (class D+ with hybrid active and passive crossover). Order any housing color. Possibly cheaper target - MSRP max 10k € for a complete system with stereo subwoofers. So that my system can match the sound of other systems in the 15-20k € price range! And innovative technologies RISM based on DSP processing. For pro mastering & mix studios and high-end home sound systems.

... I found that DSP is a   !$##$  { now that was no name }

Already on the initial tests with DSP in 2018, unfortunately DSP did not meet our requirements. Multiple conversion ADC > DSP > DAC will always distort the sound. So even when using S/PDIF or AES-EBU digital transmission there is a DSP > DAC distortion in the active audio monitor.

Maybe you would write: „Unfortunately DSP did still not meet our requirements and with an additional A/D-D/A conversion, it was against our philosophy“. Then I would write: „Any additional conversion let’s you hear the A/D and D/A converter inside your speaker - not the D/A converter of your mastering chain!“. THIS would set your system apart from ALL the other DSP based systems in the market: Dynaudio Core Series, KH 80+120 Series, Genelec (I think most of the modern series) and so on.
Using NO DSP is a true USP (Unique Selling Point) - especially in Mastering! Focus on this!
^ a note from someone who met Bob Katz in person, on a professional background.

Nothing can match D’Appolito completely analog design with physical time-alignment (necessarily tweeter „dual ring“ with phase correction) in a sealed enclosure. I'm talking about small size loudspeakers for a near or mid-field listening spot. All the while this is my opinion, and you have the right to disagree with it, but I personally don't like any open enclosure. I don't like speakers with holes, whether it's a bass reflex or a tunnel. Only construction I conditionally accept as economical is the passive membrane.

I also like passive radiators. There is an developer (Attila with his company „United Minorities“) who developed a spear called „Epic5“ under the brand „reProducer Audio“. He also uses a passive radiator and for a design with 5“ speaker it comes down to 50Hz, that's impressive. I checked this and it was pretty neat. And maybe explain for the newbie, why sealed enclosures are good and what shortcomings they have:
(+) more precise
(+) fast response
(+) no bass port wind noise
(+) no bassport „sound“
(-) less bass
(-) cannot reach low frequencies
^^ this guy member of VDT (Verband Deutscher Tonmeister), some kind of German AES (Audio Engineering Society). They have a group of Tonmeisters (Audio Engineers) that want to built together with a retired professor for audio acoustics from University Aachen a speaker. And it will be a D’Appolito. Now he works for a world-renowned German company (pro aduio). A long time ago worked as product manager for PMC Germany.

The first time I listened to the „L-707“ & model „M“, my already first prototype (born in 2018: #part_1™). On the first impression, I didn't hear the difference. But I was certainly hugely impressed by the 707 & my model M. Later I started to hear (after getting used to it for a while) the difference between the 707 & the M. And more and more difference between other speakers like Kali, Adam, EVE, Focal, JBL, APS, Amphion, PMC, Neumann, etc. But of course, I'm talking about the cheaper models, less than 5000 € - those models I've met in small Polish studios or in musician's home studios. Then I designed and ordered new models of custom woofer drivers for M and I started to dislike the bottom end of the 707 (clearly hear boxiness there, but that's the wrong word - just a soft boxy bottom end). To me, the M sounds better than the 707, but you know it's my babies, so I don't take that opinion into account. 707 vs M sounds sharper, more accurate, and has linear bass. I'm talking about 707 (version - a timeless classic), which I borrowed from Piotr Zabrodzki (Mista Pita). The L707 is awesome, but I don't like the softness of the midrange and bass. I find the M more raw and sharp, with nicer bass. Of course, listening to the L'707 & model M was in the same room (different studios, bigger and small) and plugged into my cyberAMP™ and other various studio amps. Always on the same reference soundtracks, sound level and the same D/A  (MytekBrooklyn DAC“ without +). By the way, thank you Michal Jurewicz for official following me! I admire your "golf ball" panels, and I love the sound/performance quality.

The lacking bass was always a flaw of the L-707 speakers. I know nobody using them without a subwoofer.
{ here's something more to add }
^^^ his name Jan Gerhard. He works at the German company Ferrofish (Product & Business Development) and Toningenieur (Audio Engineer). I got acquainted with him in the MEW (Mastering Engineers Worldwide) group. We liked each other - we have a similar sense of humor, openness to people and interesting professional achievements.

It should also be added that my speaker model M and the L-707 are not suitable for the pro studio without subwoofers. In purpose to have the full bandwidth covered (necessary 20Hz in mastering), I created the subWoofer, model „W“. I finally began to understand the meaning of „bass therapy“ ☺ My set can be ordered in M+W configuration (set 2.1, which is one subwoofer and set 2.2, two sub's). But the truth is that for a home or small sized studio you don't need subs - many people so far have simply bought the M model (stereo only, without W boosters).


In 2020, I perfected and fine-tuned RISM™ (Remotely Interchangable Sound Modes). My model M became the world's first active speakers with interchangeable sound modes without any DSP (absolute timeless analog). The inspiration, of course, came from Barefoot Sound MEME (their technology is on DSP). I have also refined the „S“ model (smaller model for near field) - ideal analog for home or small pro audio studio!
#mlodnickiband 2020/03/07 one of my favorite photos from Poland. Now this M/graphite in Korea - at the same time set M/white ...   CLICK ON PHOTO

A very important detail still needs to be mentioned. During the design of my audio system 2018-2020, in addition to professional measurement equipment, I was helped by a large group of musicians, sound engineers with confirmed absolute hearing. In addition to people from Warsaw, I pulled several from all over Poland. I consulted with a very large number of known and less known pro audio people from all over the world (both end users and designers of pro audio electronics). This period of birth, changes and product improvement I will describe someday - it will be a book, a thick book. And a very interesting one. I had to create an XLS to remember who was who and what they were good at, with over 150 people I worked with technically / development / measurement. By the end of 2020, I had spoken to over 700 people, some of whom gave me very valuable suggestions.

[ 2021 ]

Now I too have my admirers who consider me a legend with an amazing story (a small group, but they are a driving force for me). I thank most of all the people who believe in me without listening to my speakers (from 2018). Likes from all 6 continents on instagram, regularly from early 2020, really touch my heart and give me confidence. Thank you to those who bought my audio monitoring system, especially those who bought "blind" without listening before buying (Damian Pietrasik Warsaw/PL 2018, KimWoo Jae & Mr. Shin Han Seoul/KR 2020)! Buying "blind" is really an amazing feat because there is no return policy (with this option) - you get a very low price, you have to pay 100% preorder and once you get my system you can't return it! Damian, WooJae and Mr. Han - RESPECT for believing in me! Thank you for the words of one professional sound engineer (I've heard a lot of praise, but these are exceptional):
„L-707 is a Porsche, your model M is a Tesla“
The second short review that touched me was the following SMS (talking about a famous person, who has been using L-707 for years):


Why have I covered up the name of the creator and at the same time the name of the world famous brand in pro audio before? To intrigue those who didn't know. Because every self-respecting audio engineer knows them (most use the legendary L-707 or worked with them):

Bob Katz, Bob Ludwig, Gary Paczosa, Warren Sokol, Peter Doell, Marek Bilinski, Rafal Paczkowski, David Chesky, Nick Dofflemyer, Piotr Zabrodzki, Jacek Gawłowski, Alan Silverman, John Storyk, Joe Hannigan, Roy Hendrickson, Ron Rice, Matthew Azevedo, Markus Ebert, Nick Litwin, Russ Long, Fritz Fey, Shawn Britton, Artur Głębocki

In 2004, Bob Katz (one of the most recognized chief mastering engineers) said of the L'707 speakers:
„The best speakers I have ever heard“

If you don't know it, type „L-707“ into google. And don't worry, the people who took an interest in my speakers were ~90% unfamiliar with the Lipinski company (That's right, we are talking about the legendary Andrew Lipinski and the LIPINSKI SOUND brand). They only found out about him when they met my linearpro™ audio monitors. Advertising him is mutually convenient.

UNIVERSAL Mastering Studio chooses ...


Now that you know about the Lipinski legend, I'll tell you another deeply appealing fact:

In 2010, a group of musicians was selected from the Moscow State Tchaikovsky Conservatory. The delegation was sent to audio exhibition HIGH END Munich, in order to choose the best reference audio soundsytems, which will be purchased by the Moscow Conservatory.

An important fact that I will highlight:

In Russia, music and musical culture topics are one of tradition and prestige. They refer to it with very great care, at the highest state level.

To this fair in Germany, no businessmen were sent, but carefully selected musicians with absolute hearing.

This band was not supposed to focus on the price, money topic was absolutely indifferent, after all we are talking about a Russian state music university. I suspect the university of music in Moscow is funded on par with military institutions. Even Putin plays the piano :)

The academy originated from the music classes founded by Rubinstein in 1860 of the Moscow branch of the Tsarist Russian Music Society. Between 1866 and 1878, Pyotr Tchaikovsky was a lecturer in music theory. The Conservatory was located in Count Mikhail Vorontsov's palace, rebuilt in 1895-1901, housing teaching facilities and concert halls. The palace was added one floor in 1932-1933.

At this fair in 2010, they looked at and listened to all audio systems. And they could buy out any systems, even one all covered in gold and diamonds. But they did not focus on the appearance. Their absolute hearing was focused on Lipinski designs! Despite the huge selection of loudspeaker monitors on at show HIGH END, they chose Mr. Andrew system! And it wasn't just that they came and listened to the L-707 and other speakers amidst all the noise and bustle of the show - and buy. At a trade show, you can only initially evaluate the product; remember, the other half of sound is the room. This group of selected musicians, after the Munich, flew to Warsaw, to the Lipinski company for further listening and to confirm that this is the best possible choice for the Moscow Conservatory. The best natural reference linear monitors ... AMAZING references and reviews!

The Moscow Tchaikovsky Conservatory purchased, at great expense, many different sets from Lipinski, not just the 707's models. I was very impressed when I heard about this story. In 2020 when I reached out to many people from Russia and they confirmed that indeed Lipinski sets are still used today in Conservatory. Additionally, I found out that L-707 are also used in Mosfilm studios.

Mosfilm is the leading Russian film company producing almost all the film- TV- and video products in the country. Here works such famous filmmakers of Russia as: V.Yu. Abdrashitov, S.S. Druzhinin, V.V. Menshov, V.N. Naumov, G.A. Panfilov, S.A. Soloviev, A.I. Surikova, A.A. Eshpay, K.G. Shakhnazarov, P.G. Chukhrai and others. The most advanced digital equipment is installed in Mosfilm Sound Studio. The re-recording studios it contains receive Dolby Atmos® Premier Studio quality certificate from the Dolby Laboratories Company in 2016.

That information (about the Conservatory's purchase of) is not on the internet, I wrote it first! I don't know why Lipinski didn't publicize this, it's a very interesting and telling story. In my opinion, that's more mind-blowing than the fact that the 707 speakers were used by prominent musician Prince.

in process of writing more - but not today, don't wait...

Best regards,
main creator M.
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