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Crafted for professional mastering, mix engineers and music producers. "M" model is flagship reference audio monitoring for studio (Mastering Grade, near-field and mid-field range // from 1.5 to 3.5 meters). Precise and transparent, natural tone and balanced frequency response. 100% timeless analog, handcrafted drivers pairing (±1⁄4dB). Sealed enclosure, fast response (QTC0.7) & powerful bass.

The world's first hybrid active speakers with interchangeable modes without any DSP. Linear/flat professional audio & innovative Pro/HiFi RISM™ technology. These speakers are not just High Fidelity, but the HIGHEST Professional Fidelity. It's a game changer.
The world's first active speakers with RISM™ (without DSP).
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About brand & develops: #linearpro™ was established in 2018 (District79 lab innovations © D79 #d79lab #technology_pl). Main creator, founder Marian Mlodnicki. (#mlodnicki //   [x]  ... .
These loudspeakers are an offshoot of companies such as Lipinski sound, Mytek and has benefited from the technical support of the founder company Looptrotter, Andrzej Starzyk & other well-known founders of pro audio companies. Jan Gerhard (product manager of PMC Germany in 2006, now a key Ferrofish employee) also provided consultation. The trademark (short name linearpro™) has one of the most amazing stories of customer acquisition and speaker inception & development.
#part_2 // Korea & USA (coming soon)
#part_3 // South Africa (coming soon)
Brand guidelines // hints (coming soon)
#part_2 / Korea & USA (coming soon)
#part_3 / South Africa (coming soon)
Brand guidelines / hints (coming soon)
All components, including drivers (tweeter & woofer), are custom. Loudspeaker housing, cyberAMP™ and this site hide many useful features, thanks to hints from people around the world // Many musicians, professional sound engineers and other people assisted in creating this startup:
Piotr Zabrodzki, Damian Pietrasik, Greg Jankowicz, WooJae Kim, Lee van Dowski, Inkyo Chung, SungJoon Hong, Robert @polandaudiozone, Przemek Danilowicz, Damian Handzlik, Andrzej Starzyk "Looptrotter", Jan Gerhard, Jeremiasz Hendzel, Maciej Golinski "Envee", Kuba Bryndal, Daniel Jankowski, Eric Kulm Jr, Rafal Korzen, Halszka Kaminska, Wojtek Frackiewicz, Oleksa Sodomora, Magdalena Okolska, Jan Nietrzebka, Ebenezer Aifuwa, Hatsuo Yoshida, Mariola Chmielewska, Cezary Witecki, Radoslaw Bednarek "Rad", Antoni Lylyk, Zofia Lylyk, Maciej Przemyslaw Wrobel, Rafal Osmolak, Grzegorz Jermolaj, Laszlo Nobee, Oleh Levicky, Marek and Maciej Kulesza, Rafal Trzepanowski, Anton Zhivanov, CJ Barnard "CeeJay", Oles Cheresko, Marcin Swierczynski, Karolina Czarska & Marianna Arendarska, Michal Krasuski, Leonid Chernienko, Tania Levchenko, Daniel @bass_therapy_, Piotr Wojcik, Maciej Karbowski, Dmitry Ilkevich , Elzbieta Okolska, Ilona Walder & others #AA4889192 ...

 Who are these speakers for? Who are these speakers for?
This is not a product for "typical" audiophiles, but for professional mastering & mix sound engineers or fans (music lovers) of true studio sound. Definitely these audio monitors will be most appreciated by mastering engineers!  [x]  ... .
   What is mastering?
Mastering is the last step in the entire production process. Sound engineers deals with the equalization of the track as a whole, where certain frequencies in the overall mix may need to be raised or faded out (in a very nutshell). In other words, mastering is something of an enlarged, final look at a track to balance and improve the overall sound. Mastering is grinding a diamond. Sound engineers use hundreds of different devices, but linear speaker (professional audio monitor) is the most important tool in this process (+ room acoustics).
Want to hear what the song really sounds like? How did your favorite melody sound during its final touch in the mastering studio? What did the musicians in the control room actually hear when the sound engineer presented them polished mixes on linear monitors? Or you are a musician and want to improve your mixes?
You've come to the right place 
You've come to the right place 
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