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The world's first active loudspeakers WITH interchangeable modes without any DSP. Linear flat professional audio & innovative pro RISM™ technology. This hybrid system is not just High Fidelity, but the HIGHEST Professional Fidelity. This studio//home best analog speakers already has followers and audiences on six continents since early 2020 (a small group of a few hundred people). The brand was founded in secret, in 2018 (main creator #mlodnicki publicly revealed the #part_1 story in December 2019). In 2021, the brand (short name linearpro™) is just beginning marketing. Distribution release outside of Europe is planned for September 2022 at the earliest / maybe 2023 ...
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About our monitors: Damian Pietrasik "Absolutely brilliant, linear speaker system, this is THE BOMB!", Daniel Jankowski "If there is a musical G-spot then model M+W definitely know its location", Halszka Kaminska "And the funniest thing is that the above inept description does not reflect reality at all - you just have to LISTEN to it", SungJoon Hong "Prototype M had very good balance. I hope you to make the best speakers in the world."

Outside the Europe, buying #hellobetaproject PreOrder on CaseStudy terms is cheapest (you can't buy that quality at that price in the future). But first you need to read "BOOK" and solve some enigmas (if you have not received a confidential link to internal pages from friends). It's a linearpro™ - a brand that breaks all mainstream standards ...
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W R W R U O I S W D F S W . I P O I U R E L W O E I N S I U F D A K E H F K A R L H F L K S D A F L K U D H D F L K J S I D F E O . R U O I S U D P S D U R O O I U R E I W / E U A H E U F D A K L H L K J S L O F L K S D H F   K J S -   F L K J S H D P E R W L E O I S U D F S A U I P S E U R E I W O E _ A S I D O D A K L H F K N S L H ' T K S D H F L K _ S H D T E K J E R W R U L I S U L ! S D U I P O I   R E I . . E U A S I U F . A K L   : K J S L H F L ) S D H   . K J S H D F L . J S H .   E R W R U O I   U D F

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